Upskilling & Reskilling

Improving skills is very important to ensure that employees are always able to adapt their skills in line with current developments.


Digital Skills For Tomorrow's Jobs program is an initiative to preparing young adults across South East Asia for the 21st-century workplace. This program will provide digital skills training for the most high-demand jobs in Data Analysis, Data Science, Development Operations, Software Development, and IT Support. Upon completion, participants will receive digital credentials and a chance to join soft skills training and job placement in the related fields.

The objective of Digital Skills For Tomorrow's Jobs program are:

* To assist Malaysians in upskilling and reskilling their digital skills for the most high-demand jobs;
* To increase job seekers employability in today’s competitive landscape by providing people with the skills needed to find jobs;
* Securing job placement at the end of the program.

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MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) is an initiative to incentivize employers to hire Malaysians via digital upskilling and reskilling programmes. This initiative supports companies to hire digital talent through salary and training incentives. MYWiT consists of the following programmes: Digital Business Services (DBS) and Digital Tech Apprenticeship (DTA).

The DBS programme has been customised to increase the digital literacy and skills amongst Malaysians as an attempt to curb rising unemployment level. This is done through partnerships with companies in the fast growing DBS sector ultimately promoting Malaysia as an investment destination. Meanwhile, the DTA programme offers opportunities to upskill and reskill unemployed talents for them to increase their eligibility and be equipped with the skills required to thrive in most in-demand jobs tech jobs, in areas such as data science, software development and cybersecurity.

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e-LATiH Empowering Learning

e-LATiH is a Malaysia’s premier learning aggregator platform which offers all Malaysians unlimited access to FREE online courses that meets the demands of various industries. It is open to all Malaysians with no minimum age limit. Let’s start learning on e-LATiH!

• Learn for free at anytime and anywhere.
• Explore diverse content in various skills area.
• Learn at your own pace, according to your own interest
• Earn e-certificate upon completion of a course


With FREE unlimited learning resources available, your proactive actions today could lead you to amazing opportunities coming your way!

UNITAR International University

UNITAR International University is a leading private higher education institution in Malaysia after being established in 1997 as the first virtual university in Southeast Asia. It is the first institution in Asia to be awarded a QS 5-Star Rating for the Online Learning category. UNITAR is introducing Micro-Credential programmes through APEL where learners can use their prior-experiential learning and work experiences to gain new professional certifications.

The objective of UNITAR’s Micro-Credentials are:

To assist Malaysians with job placements for in-demand careers;
To enhance the marketability and employability of job seekers;
To provide pathways to fully accredited programmes

To find out more info, you can visit the UNITAR website

EIS Vocational Training

EIS provides vocational training with the aim of reskilling and upskilling the workforce. Insured Persons (IP) who are interested in attending training may consult Employment Service Officers (ESO) for advice. The training fee is paid directly to the training providers, while eligible training recipients may also receive a financial incentive. Vocational Training

Training Fee (TF)
* Eligible JSA recipients may be referred to attend vocational skills training after consulting their ESO.
* Training costs of up to RM4,000 will be borne by EIS.

Vocational Training
* Training Allowance (TA).
* An incentive paid at a daily rate of RM10-20 depending on the recipient’s previous assumed salary.
* Training recipients must attend all mandated training sessions to be eligible.

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TNB Reskilling Program

TNB Reskilling is an initiative to source and provide employment for Malaysians especially for Graduates, School Leavers and Retrenched Workers by participating in value-added relevant training courses required by the selected industries. Upon completion of the training, the applicants will be able to secure job placement in any industry requiring manpower to perform a specific job. It is compulsory for employers to hire the candidates and offer them a minimum of 1 year contract.

Our flagship courses
1. Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Installation, Operation & Maintenance
2. Smart Meter Installer
3. Power System Operation & Maintenance Electrician
4. Low Voltage Electrical Facility Maintenance
5. Medium Voltage Electrical Maintenance
6. Other Industrial based reskilling courses (i.e. Drone Technology, IT Skills, Office Administrative/ Management)

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Digital Skills Training Directory

Digital Skills Training Directory provides a catalogue of courses that address in-demand digital skills. These courses have been reviewed and endorsed by a panel of digital industry experts to guide you in selecting courses that meet your career needs for the digital economy.

To find out more info, you can visit the Digital Skills Training Directory website. is a local platform that provides a variety of courses to help those interested in adding new skills or improving existing skills. has various quality courses and training at cheaper prices than usual and shorter time periods to provide flexibility to its users.

Each course attended will equip you with the skills, inspiration, and professional relationships to make it easier for you to plan your steps to achieve your next goal. Digital learning is also available here for those who are interested in learning according to their own time period and anytime and anywhere.

To find out more info, you can visit the UPSKIL website.


INSKEN is one of the agencies that provide opportunities and initiatives to assist the development of entrepreneurs in terms of capacity through various training programs and programs in the form of guidance under the auspices of the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development (MEDAC).

INSKEN also provides various entrepreneurship programs from various fields and sectors such as spa, food-truck, accommodation, sewing and others. The programs organized are based on the needs and demands of the industry in strategic collaboration with industry practitioners, professionals and government agencies.

To find out more info, you can visit the INSKEN website.