Emergency Response Worker
5 February 2020
Construction Commercial Diver
11 March 2020

Harvest diver
(7 - Crafted & Related Trades Workers)

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Job Description

Harvest divers perform extraction and collection of marine resources, such as algae, coral, razor shells, sea aurchins and sponges, in a safe, competent and responsible manner to a depth of 12 metres, using apnoea diving techniques as well as air supply equipment from the surface, open-circuit.


  • harvesting diver



Essential Skills and Competences

  • apply medical first aid in case of emergency
  • carry out standard aquaculture stock health operations
  • collect broodstock
  • maintain diving equipment
  • manage aquatic resources
  • perform diving interventions

Essential Knowledge

  • fisheries legislation

Optional Skill and Competence

  • maintain waterbased aquaculture facilities

Optional Knowledge


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