The MYFutureJobs One-Stop Centre is an initiative between the SOCSO’s Employment Insurance System and various institutions or agencies. This is to widen the accessibility of services to help job seekers who need support and assistance from SOCSO services officers throughout Malaysia. Job seekers can do so by registering on the MYFutureJobs portal. This enables the employment service officers to provide employment service programmes that are comprehensive, intensive and inclusive, to job seekers. These are managed by SOCSO’s State Employment Service Officers with the help of the trained agencies’ officers.

The MYFutureJobs One-Stop Centre aims to create collaboration between the Employment Insurance System (EIS) SOCSO with the Ministry of Rural Development through the Rural Community Centres (PKD), Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission through the Internet Community Centres (PIK), Kolej Poly-Tech Mara (KPTM) and other agencies.

Objectives of the MYFutureJobs One-Stop Centres are:

• To empower the rural and urban communities in gaining employment
• To increase job opportunities in urban and rural areas
• To introduce the MYFutureJobs Portal to centre managers
• To provide support in applying for jobs
• To become a one-stop centre for employment services for the urban and rural communities.

Services provided by SOCSO are:

• One to One Approach Employment Services
• Profiling Services and Employability Programs
• Open Interview Sessions
• Free Registration on the MYFutureJobs Portal
• Job Vacancies Awareness

To find out more info, you can visit our FAQ here.

Any inquiries, please contact our MYFutureJobs Hotline number at 03 - 8091 5300 or drop us an email to