Employment Protection

At MYFutureJobs, we aim to help you understand and claim your rights as a worker. On this page, you will find guidance on:

* Resolving disputes with your employer.
* Filing a complaint regarding a violation of your rights.
* Claiming disability and workplace injury benefits.
* Applying for unemployment benefits.
* Contributing towards your retirement fund.

The Department of Industrial Relations (Jabatan Perhubungan Perusahaan Malaysia) aims to help employers and employees settle workplace disputes either via litigation or out of court. They work with both individual employees as well as groups of employees represented by a trade union. Upon receiving an intervention request, the Department will first attempt to help both parties settle the issue out of court. If the matter cannot be resolved via these methods, the Department will then refer the case to the Industrial Court.

To resolve employment-related disputes, please visit the Department of Industrial Relations website.

The Department of Labor (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) is in charge of enforcing all labor laws and regulations within Malaysia. Aside from conducting spot checks on business premises to ensure all laws are being followed, they also investigate complaints from workers who allege that their employers are not complying with the law. If the employer is found to be guilty, the Department will impose a punishment and may also recommend the employer be prosecuted in court.

To file a complaint regarding violations of workers’ rights, please visit the Department of Labor website.

If you work in East Malaysia, please visit the website of their Sabah or Sarawak division.

Social Security Organization (SOCSO) collects monthly contributions from eligible employees and uses the collected funds to compensate employees that have either suffered a workplace injury or experienced a medical condition that renders them unable to continue working at full capacity. In the case an eligible claimant passes away, SOCSO will take care of their funeral expenses and continue supporting eligible dependents financially. SOCSO also provides rehabilitation services to injured or disabled persons who wish to return to work.

To claim disability and workplace injury benefits, please visit the Social Security Organization website.

Employment Insurance System (EIS) provides financial and job search support to eligible claimants who have lost their employment. Aside from a monthly financial allowance to cover basic expenses, claimants also receive personalized career counselling, sponsored training, and a cash incentive if they return to work early.

EIS is an office under SOCSO dedicated to supporting employees who have lost their jobs as well as jobseekers in general.

To apply for unemployment benefits, please visit the Employment Insurance System website.
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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) automatically deducts a portion of eligible employees’ salaries every month, invests the funds, and keeps the proceeds in trust until the employee in question retires. Contact them to adjust your contribution rates or request to withdraw a portion of your savings early.

To contribute to or withdraw from your retirement fund, please visit the Employees Provident Fund website.