Benefits Calculator (EIS)


Note: This calculation only applicable to Loss of Employment (LOE*) happened before 1st July 2020. For LOE starting from 1st July 2020 until 31st December 2021, click HERE to calculate your benefit.


Benefits are calculated based on your previous assumed salary and your Contributions Qualifying Conditions (CQC) i.e. the number of monthly contributions you have paid before. Please refer to the following table for more information.


Wage :

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Monthly Contribution :


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Assumed Wage :


Average Assumed Wage :


(average of 6 months' wages before LOE date)

No. of Training Day(s) :

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Training Allowance (25%) :


Month No. Benefits Rate JSA  ERA 3 
(25% of JSA)
ERA 4 
(25% of JSA)
ERA 5 
(25% of JSA)
(25% of JSA)
1 80%

2 50%

3 40%

4 40%

5 30%

6 30%


^ JSA stands for Job Search Allowance, which is paid to active jobseekers for a certain number of months based on their eligibility.
^ ERA stands for Early Re-employment Allowance, which is paid to JSA recipients who return to work when they are still eligible to receive JSA.

* Note: The LOE covers the types of job losses as per the following table:

Normal retrenchment and redundancy Employee misconduct
VSS/MSS (Voluntary/Mutual Separation Scheme) Voluntary resignation
Closure of the company due to natural disasters Retirement
Bankruptcy or closure of the company Expiry of fixed-term contract/project completion
Constructive dismissal
Resignation (sexual harrasment/threats) / Ordered to perform dangerous duties that are not within the job scope

- The benefits calculator utilizes a generic formula based on the mean average wage and benefit payment rates.
- The average assumed wage is calculated by averaging 6 months' wages before the LOE date.
- The total amount payable depends on the type of benefit one is eligible to receive, example: JSA No 1.
- The total amount payable depends on the monthly contribution amount, the number of monthly contributions, and the type of benefits one is eligible for.